20 Ways to Imagine How a Fibromyalgia Disorder Feels

Most people do not believe in fibromyalgia, they say everything is in their head. You also faced this person in your life. At some point, people ask about their illness. So it’s time to explain what fibromyalgia is like, why you haven’t tried what we are experiencing yet. Fibromyalgia is the hardest part of people who don’t understand it. We ask our online Facebook community, “     Living with fibromyalgia and chronic diseases ,     ”     which says: How do you describe your feeling of fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a great incentive to live every day. When you wake up and move, make the most of it. If you wake up and can’t move, don’t do it. Take a break, read a book, watch a movie. It may not be what you want, but it is what you need to do that day. Tomorrow is a new day and may be different from yesterday. Thank you for having tomorrow, because not many people. I know it’s hard to feel that way when you’re in agony all the time, but something good is always happening.

There are no words to describe how horrible it is to be hell. It makes me feel like I don’t have life anymore. However, we have compiled some of the pain descriptions our members tell us below.

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This is what the community shares with us:

1.     Imagine the worst flu you ever had and multiply it by 10, then imagine that getting hit or run over by a car can tell me what a good day with fibromyalgia is like. A bad day really defies any understanding.

2.      They made 10K with flu and cut the whole lawn with scissors. That kind of pain. But everyone expects you to do it again the next day because you don’t look sick.

3)   Pains that move around your body. Choose a place and hold your breath until it passes and simply go elsewhere. They struggle to pretend they don’t like you and don’t try to scream or cry. You feel tired but can’t sleep just a version of the dream where you hear everything and the adrenaline wakes up completely. When your heart is ringing and exhausted, come back if you can. The tips of the fingers and toes sometimes become numb and cannot stand the cold. Your muscles contract and rotate, trying to relax and not tense as headaches may follow. You have depression and I personally escaped music or imagination to deal with a lot. You can’t always speak well and it’s hard to think clearly and focus. Yes, that’s enough for now. Just an idea

4. With Beth W      , I feel like a tin man. This is perfect, the tin man, who needs to be lubricated at ALL joints. And someone holding a torch on ALL my aching muscles. With my head in an addiction. Yes, that sums it up, what a miserable existence.

5. Marjie C     – I feel like a prisoner in my own body! You never know what torture is

6. Jessica C     : I feel like I’m hitting a stick. My muscles seem to be being pulled down and pulled. I feel like I have a 2 × 4 sitting on my shoulders all day, flu and death…

7. Vickie M      : I feel like I have a little elf in my body who runs an ice pick and hits my joints and muscles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

8. Kimmie G-      Like a triple trailer, it overtook me; How do I change my hips? It cuts my waist because the lower half is not friendly; The worst X billiards of the worst flu type 2 hit mankind and a knot-sized memory period… Otherwise, I feel great!

9     . Tracey W:      I have a mind that loves to squeeze parts of my body like someone is digging their fingers into the skin and gripping the muscles tightly.

10.      One strap is upside down, a 20 pound backpack weighs on shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, feet and hands, pain. At the top of this pain, there is a tingling sensation, as if your foot has fallen asleep… except when you simply pull your foot all over your body. Your eyes are sore with tension, your skin is sensitive to touch, your nose is sensitive to odors. Lack of restful sleep keeps you numb and tired.

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11. Kerryn E: It’s      like a hangover and a drunk, but also sick like the flu after intense full body workouts and 10 laps with Mike Tyson, but I lost and live on another planet because I’m an alien compared to others they own. you can’t understand my life like

12. It’s      a living hell! It hurts every day The pain keeps moving. When you think there is no other place to hurt, your skin hurts. It’s like a Mack truck that keeps rolling on you. I need hours to shower, make up, and dry my hair. When I finish, I have to sit down and rest. It’s hard to sleep at night because you can’t find a position that won’t hurt you.

13.      Pain that increases from head to toe as if someone were pouring hot liquid into their throat and moving inside their body. The hard part is trying to stay positive in everything. You never know if one day it will manifest as IBS, next day migraine and Epstein Barr. so depression i have more symptoms everyday. I have those terrible scars on my skin where the itching became so intense that I broke my skin and bled. He left terrible tracks that burned. Ironically, the burning comes from within.

14. An      unbearable pain all over my body that looks like I’m on fire. Strong pains in your feet and heels that look as if you are walking on broken glass. Take your tiredness and multiply by 100. The flu is multiplied by 10. Intense pain when you touch the skin. Pain, drugs do not help. I can not work so much pain and fatigue. I lost almost everything I had worked so hard for and waited two years for my disability to be approved. Living in intense and debilitating pain and still looking normal, I feel guilty because I can’t work because people treat me like a lazy person and I just don’t want to work.

15. Sandra L –      A thief who stole my life. No two days are alike. You never know what you are going to play. Every day is something new, a new pain, a new flare. Being in bed, you are fighting your body just to spend the day. No one should have to live, it doesn’t exist. Pain is an unbearable pain that most people can’t handle. We have no choice but to accept it. The medical field really let us down.

16. Tracy W: When      someone found the ropes on all my muscles and tendons, it went to the thigh. I feel very calm and will not be a wedge.

17.      Imagine a nylon thread. Rotate against the grain. Do you see these little openings? Pour into crushed glass and sand. Now close the cable. Do you feel the sand that keeps nylon from returning to its original point? Now imagine that the nylon cord is any muscle fiber, tendon and ligament in the fingers, hands, wrists, ankles, feet and toes. Put on your shoes. Gloves Is it uncomfortable?

Try to go now. Driving. Standing. Grocery Shopping. Sounds terrible, right? Now imagine that you have no relief. Some days, you add all your back to the list. Add nausea. Add migraine. You just want to sleep, but the dream doesn’t come.

Your head is bored. Usually they lose words in the middle of the sentence. You cannot think clearly. People think you are stupid, even if you are not. Add mental health problems to the mix. Do you feel overwhelmed? This is a good day, tomorrow may be worse. You cannot plan this. You will not receive a warning.

18     . If I have a seizure, I feel like the acid that flows through me and burns me from the inside out. But I try the “normal” days, not recognizing the pain; I’m just doing what I have to do, but it’s always there to stop being everything I know it could be.

Nervous pain is horrible and although I have quite constant neck, hips, shoulder, hand and foot pains, I sometimes get a stitch in my stomach or chest that comes out of nowhere and it takes my breath away. The last time I felt good was for a whole day, when the doctor prescribed me steroids. I was in no pain and beautiful, so I started to burn my stomach and cause cramps. I had to stop the medication. However, memory problems and fatigue bother me more. Maybe because my mother has Alzheimer’s and I’m afraid she’ll catch me.

19. Janice A –      I feel that I am tied to two horses and they are going in different directions. My arms to a horse, my legs to the others. My plugs seem out of joint. In times of outbreaks, it gets terrible. Other times it’s not so bad, but it’s still in pain.

June 20 J:      I feel that someone is dancing in my brain and choosing what and when to fall asleep, dizzy and dizzy.

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