Fibromyalgia Brain Fog — How Do We Cope?


Fibromyalgia Brain Fog — How Do We Cope?

Dealing With Fibromyalgia Brain Fog

Fibromyalgia brain fog is a strange phenomenon. In fact, I am struggling to know how to explain it. Maybe the best way is to talk about how it affects me. So, here goes.

Firstly, I don’t always realize when I’m being affected by fibro fog. I’m a pretty sensible, intelligent, articulate woman, and although I am prone to getting stressed, I am fairly good at sorting out administrative matters; bills, accounts, telephone calls, problems with utility companies, letters and so on. I am usually the one who deals with those things in our household and it’s easy — or at least it used to be.

Things are different now. When I start sorting out those thing I’m usually fine, but as time progresses my brain begins finding it difficult to take in information and to process things. It seems to come out of nowhere; I can’t feel it happening. My brain just seems to grind to a halt, get clogged up. It can no longer cope with concentrating.

I enjoy doing crafts and sometimes when I am reading instructions or a pattern, the fog descends and I cannot make any sense of what’s in front of me. Believe me, when you are someone who has always prided herself on being able to work with words, money and so forth, it badly affects your self-esteem when those same things cause utter confusion and panic.

What Are the Symptoms of Brain Fog?

Symptoms of brain fog can range from mild to severe and vary from day to day. Not every patient has every one of them so this can vary from person to person. The following are common symptoms:


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