Fibromyalgia: “I am 41 years old and I live in the body of an old man”

Patrick spent most of the day in bed because he was often exhausted.

He is always tired and he suffers all the time. Patrick Schutz from Neuchâtel suffers from fibromyalgia – an invisible disease not recognized by disability insurance.

Pain, pain, nothing but pain: Patrick Schuts (41), from Neuchâtel, still feels that he has the flu – without fever, but with a huge lead fatigue. He would like to stay in bed all day and spend time there. “Every part of my body hurts me, fortunately not everyone at the same time,” he told the magazine “L’illustré”.

Patrick Schutz and his partner have daughter Naya, three years old. Even if he only plays with it for 20 minutes, it takes away energy for the whole day. “When I slept and woke up, I’m as tired as I’ve ever slept.” He lost a lot of friends who think he’s pretending. In the evening, he can not go out as before, he went to bed at 7 pm to relax.

The diagnosis of his suffering revealed a year ago: fibromyalgia. It is estimated that 400,000 people were affected in Switzerland. The problem: Fibromyalgia is not recognized by disability insurance (IV). There is no scientific proof: there is no evidence in the blood and on X-rays. Hundreds of symptoms characterize fibromyalgia. It is determined by the exclusion of other diseases and by means of a test: sensitive points are generally used.

If eleven or more than 18 (tender points) increased pain, the presumption of fibromyalgia is present. These diagnostic points are close to the approach of the tendon. The cause of the disease is unclear and can only be limited by medical measures. Patrick’s protection must take many medications: painkillers, anti-depressants, vitamins, medicines to protect the stomach and drops against dry and sensitive eyes. “It’s invisible suffering,” said Schutz. He wants to inform as many people as possible about this, has created a Facebook site so that fibromyalgia reaches the conscience of the population.

Patrick has been unemployed for two years and lives on social assistance. If the IV at least partially recognized the suffering, he would have already been helped. He hopes to get financial support because of his depression and chronic fatigue. Her greatest hope is a popular initiative that has just been launched and in which fibromyalgia is recognized as a disease.

He plays with his daughter Naya, but after 20 minutes, his energy is exhausted.
Patrick is lying on an analgesic mat.
Patrick’s relationship with his partner Sylvie has also become difficult. There is no melody on television because he sleeps early. Naya is surprised that Dad goes to bed with her at the same time. Patrick Schutz does not know how long he can handle his condition: “I’m only 41 years old and I live in the body of an old man!” Patrick suspects that even traumatic experiences in the past can be triggered. At the age of 17, he was present when his father hit a man with a stone in front of his eyes. Patrick is no longer in contact with him. The birth of his daughter was also bad: almost the mother and the child were dead. Patrick: “These events deeply shocked me.” He would like to do something with his wife and daughter,

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