Is It Serious or Is It Fibro-Related?

Is It Serious or Is It Fibro-Related?

How am I supposed to determine when I am really sick or when it’s just another underlying illness associated with fibromyalgia? Sometimes I wonder: Should I go to the doctor or the ER? Could this be serious or is it something that will go away on its own?

Having fibromyalgia isn’t just suffering from various illnesses, it’s being forced to determine when it’s fibro and when it isn’t. And that’s easier said than done.

We are often labeled as hypochondriacs. How can someone have so many things wrong with them? They must be after attention, because no one can have so many illnesses at one time. Unfortunately, it’s easier to tell you what isn’t wrong with us. That list is much shorter!

I suffer from chronic pain, neuropathy, seizures, migraines, Raynaud’s syndrome, muscle pain and spasms, irritable bowel syndrome, flu-like symptoms, chronic fatigue, brain fog, and dizzy spells. I also have sensitivity to loud noises, perfume, chemical smells, and changes in the weather. That is a short list. As I get older, the list keeps growing.

Going to the doctor every time a new illness pops up gets to be a very expensive and usually frustrating experience. How many times have you gone to a doctor and end up leaving with no solution or answer? You may get a new prescription or a referral to a specialist, but too often you don’t get a satisfying answer.

With my increasing brain fog, I had to start bringing a list with me because I couldn’t remember all of my complaints. I’d forget the very reason I made the appointment in the first place!

In the last few years, my medical emergencies have increased. I’ve had a nice ride in an ambulance only to spend a frustrating time in the ER. They couldn’t figure out what caused my seizure, and I still don’t know the answer to this day.

I’ve become skeptical of modern medicine. When I go in, they only treat my symptoms and not the underlying illness. I’m on medication that I don’t feel is safe, but it seems to helps a little so I continue to take it. I need to find a way to get off this garbage and do things as naturally as possible.

In 2009, I had three strokes. When I had the first two, I knew something was wrong but I didn’t go to the hospital. I was having TIAs (or mini-strokes) for a few weeks before I finally called my doctor to tell her I thought my thyroid was out of whack. What I was experiencing seemed like it could be due to hypothyroidism. I never considered I had a stroke!

My doctor realized right away that something was very wrong. After several tests and a few different specialists, it was determined that my left carotid artery was 93 percent blocked. At times, I wasn’t getting any blood to the left side of my brain, which in turn caused the strokes. I had another stroke in the hospital waiting for surgery that I needed as soon as possible. I could have died at any time when I thought I was just suffering from something minor.

If you start experiencing anything out of the ordinary, don’t wait. Whether you go the natural route or modern medicine, seek advice from your medical professional. I use online doctors, which is great when I’m too sick to leave the house.

There are times when I felt I knew for certain what I was experiencing was serious, only to find out it wasn’t. I can’t always trust my own gut feelings when it comes to my health, so I must check out anything that is new and unusual. Don’t ignore symptoms. It could be something serious that will only get worse with time. Don’t procrastinate when it comes to your health.

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