The main cause of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto and more

The medical environment and what is potentially at the root of the medical mysteries

In the anthology of the new book Medical Doctor, Dr. Alejandro Junger writes: “As a man of science, I have been taught to the point of indoctrination that I should only trust what I can observe, measure, test and reproduce. “But Dr. Junger continues to explain his long-term fascination for healers: those who can bring back sight through touch, or restore the mysteriously ill to health. Sure, it really sounds out there, but one of the reasons why we rely so much on Dr. Junger here in goop is because he is always willing to question the status quo and recognize that he may not have all the answers.

One of the unlikely places that Dr. Junger has found surprising – and according to him, the point-over-answers is from Anthony William, a self-titled Medical Doctor, who has heard a force calling Spirit in his ear from I was a little boy. As he recounts in his book, the vision of a man appeared at the dinner table one night when he was four years old and beckoned him to stand in front of his grandmother, put his hand on his chest and said “cancer of lung “Plagued by curiosity, his parents took his grandmother to the doctor a few weeks later, and sure enough, she had a late stage lung cancer that had metastasized. And according to William, the Spirit – though not visibly present – has been with him ever since.

William has a robust business, apparently the waiting list is of years, half of his clients are doctors who seek advice on behalf of incurable patients and he attends to those who call through the lottery, but now he puts some of his knowledge Foundational in a book, Who is quick to point out has absolutely nothing in the way of medical study standing notes or appointments. The focus is on “mysterious diseases,” that is, a group of diseases that many doctors have been quick to describe as psychosomatic – and that primarily affect women – including chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease , rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto virus and Epstein-Barr. (More information on EBV below.)

The book is a fascinating read, whether plausible or not. Your personal story is compelling, and your discussion of the disease and the states of the disease is really interesting, even if you are not personally affected. Below you will find a chapter on the Epstein-Barr virus from William’s new book, Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal (Hay House, November 10, 2015). For more of Anthony Guillermo in goop, see “A Heavy Metal Detox” and “Mysteries of the Thyroid”.

From Anthony William

The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) has created a secret epidemic. Of the approximately 320 million people in the US, more than 225 million Americans have some form of EBV.

Epstein-Barr is responsible for the mysterious diseases of each category: For some people, it creates fatigue and pain that have no name. For others, the symptoms of EBV induce doctors to prescribe ineffective treatments, such as hormone replacement. And for so many people walking with EBV, it is misdiagnosed.

Among the reasons EBV is thriving: so little is understood about it. The medical communities are aware of only one version of EBV, but in reality there are more than 60 varieties. Epstein-Barr is behind several of the debilitating diseases that touch doctors. As I said in the Introduction, it is the mysterious disease of mysterious diseases.

Doctors have no idea how the virus works in the long term and how problematic it can be. The truth is that EBV is the source of numerous health problems that are currently considered mysterious diseases, such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. EBV is also the cause of some of the major ills that medical communities believe they understand, but not really-including thyroid disease, vertigo and tinnitus.

This chapter explains when the Epstein-Barr virus emerged, how it is transmitted, how it works to create incalculable ravages at strategic stages that nobody knows and the steps (never revealed before) that can destroy the virus and restore health.

Although Epstein-Barr was discovered by two brilliant doctors in 1964, it actually began to take off in the early 1900s, more than half a century earlier. The initial versions of EBV – which are still with us – are relatively slow to act, and can not even create noticeable symptoms until late in life. Even then, they are only slightly harmful.

EBV also tends to act when you are experiencing a major hormonal change, for example, during puberty, pregnancy or menopause. A common scenario is when a woman goes through labor. Afterward, she may feel several symptoms, including fatigue, aches and pains, and depression. In this case, EBV is not exploiting its weakness, but the fact that hormones are a powerful source of nourishment for it, its abundance acts as a trigger. The hormones that flood through your body effectively make the virus what spinach does for Popeye.

EBV is inhumane patient. This Stage A period of strengthening and waiting for an ideal opportunity can take weeks, months, or even a decade or more, depending on a variety of factors.

The virus is especially vulnerable during the first stage. However, it is also undetectable through tests and does not cause symptoms, so I would not normally know how to fight against it, because I would not know it was there.

At the end of Stage One, the Epstein-Barr virus is ready to fight against your body. That’s when EBV first makes its known presence … becoming mononucleosis. This is the infamous monkey that we all grow up listening to as the “kissing disease”. It is what thousands of university students contract each year when they run with the whole night of partying and studying.

The medical communities are not aware that each case of mononucleosis is only Stage Two of EBV.

This is the period when the virus is most contagious. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid being exposed to the blood, saliva or other bodily fluids of someone who has monkey … or to avoid exposing someone to their fluids if they have monkey.

During this Stage Two, the immune system of your body goes to war with the virus. It sends identifying cells to the cells of the “label” virus, that is, it puts a hormone in them that marks them as invaders. Next, send soldier cells to search and kill the marked virus cells. This is the power of your immune system that comes to your defense.

The severity of this battle can vary from person to person, because everyone is different, and it will also depend on which EBV strain or variety a person has. You may have monkey for only a week or two with a slight scratchy throat and fatigue, in which case you are not likely to realize what is really happening, so it is very likely that you will not visit a doctor for an analysis of blood.

Then again, you may get hard hit with fatigue, sore throat, fever, headaches, rashes, and more that hang on for several months. If this happens, you are most likely going to see a doctor who will test your blood, and the Epstein-Barr virus will appear as a monkey form … most of the time.

It is during this stage that EBV seeks a long-term home by making a career for one or more of its main organs, usually its liver and / or spleen. EBV loves being in these organs because mercury, dioxins and other toxins are prone to accumulate there. The virus is nourished by these poisons.

Another secret about EBV is that it has a best friend, a bacteria called Streptococcus. In these cases, your body is dealing not only with a virus, but also with bacteria that further confuse the immune system and produce its own variety of symptoms. This is the number one cofactor of Epstein-Barr.

During Stage II EBV, Streptococcus can travel to create Streptococcus and / or infest the sinuses, nose or mouth. You can also travel down to create infections in the urinary tract, vagina, kidneys or bladder. . . Eventually causing cystitis.

Once the virus settles in the liver, the spleen and / or other organs, it nests there.

From this moment, when a doctor evaluates Epstein-Barr, he or she will find antibodies and will take these to indicate a past infection, when the EBV was in its monophasic phase. The doctor will not find the EBV currently active in the bloodstream. The confusion here is one of the biggest mistakes in medical history, this is how this virus has slipped through the cracks. Unless you have already followed the measures described in this book to kill EBV, the virus is, in fact, still alive and causing new symptoms … and is bypassing the tests. That is because it is living in the liver, spleen or other organs, and the test to detect this has not yet been invented.

With the virus hidden without being detected in its organs, your body assumes that you won the war and the invader has been destroyed. Your immune system returns to its normal state, your mononucleosis ends and your doctor tells you that you are healthy.

The accumulation of isolation for both age groups is the feelings of guilt, fear and shame that accompany their misdiagnoses. I am sure that if you have CFS, you have been in the depths of physical suffering and someone said, “But you look perfectly healthy.” It is so disheartening to feel bad and to hear from practitioners, friends or family that there is nothing wrong with you

The chronic fatigue syndrome is real. It’s the Epstein-Barr virus.

As we have seen, people with CFS have a high viral load of EBV, which systematically affects the body by creating a neurotoxin that inflames the central nervous system. This can weaken the adrenal glands and the digestive system, and create the feeling that it has a low battery.

We have had more than six decades of medical denial that fibromyalgia is a legitimate problem. Now, medical communities finally accept it as a real condition.

The best explanation for doctors is given by the establishment, however, is that fibromyalgia is hyperactive nerves. What this really translates is … nobody has a clue. It’s not the doctors’ fault. There is no magical book they receive that tells them what will help their patients with fibromyalgia or what is really causing their pain.

The medical system is still years away from discovering the true root of the disease, because it is viral and takes place at a nervous level that medical tools can not currently detect.

Those who suffer from fibromyalgia are under a very real and debilitating attack. It is the Epstein-Barr virus that causes this disorder, inflaming both the central nervous system and nerves throughout the body, which creates continuous pain, tenderness, severe fatigue and a host of other problems.

Tinnitus, or ringing in the ear, is usually caused by EBV entering the nerve canal of the inner ear, called the labyrinth. The buzzing is the result of the virus that inflames and vibrates the labyrinth and the vestibulocochlear nerve.

Vertigo and Meniere’s disease
Vertigo and Meniere’s disease are often attributed by doctors to calcium crystals, or stones, which is interrupted in the inner ear. However, most chronic cases are caused by the EBV neurotoxin that inflames the vagus nerve.

Other Symptoms
Anxiety, dizziness, tightness in the chest, pain in the chest, esophageal spasms and asthma can also be caused by EBV inflaming the vagus nerve.

Insomnia, tingling and numbness in the hands and feet can be caused by the phrenic nerves that become perpetually inflamed by EBV.

And heart palpitations can result from the accumulation of poisonous corpses of the EBV virus and byproduct in the mitral valve of the heart.

If you have EBV, or suspect you do, you can find the virus in phase four beyond frustrating. Get comfortable. If you take the right steps – which the medical communities still do not know, but are covered at the end of this chapter – you can recover, rebuild your immune system, return to a normal state again and regain control of your life.

As I observed earlier, there are more than 60 varieties of the Epstein-Barr virus. That number is so big because the EBV has existed for more than 100 years. It has had generations of people move through, mutating and elevating their various hybrids and strains at that time. Strains can be organized into six gravity escalation groups, with approximately ten types per group.

EBV Group 1 is the oldest and smoothest. These versions of the virus usually take years, even decades, to transition from one stage to another. Its effects may not be noticeable until you’re in your 70s or 80s, and then result in little more than back pain. They could even stay in their organs and never get to Stage Three or Stage Four.

The EBV 2 Group moves from one scenario to another a little faster than Group 1; You may notice symptoms in your 50s or 60s. These strains can partially remain in the thyroid and send only some of their virus cells to inflame the nerves, resulting in a relatively light inflammation of the nerves. The only variety of EBV that medical communities are aware of is in this group.

EBV Group 3 will transition between stages faster than Group 2, so its symptoms could be noticeable around the age of 40. In addition, these viruses completely complete Stage 4, that is, they completely leave the thyroid to trap the nerves. The viruses in this group can cause a variety of ailments, including joint pain, fatigue, heart palpitations, tinnitus and vertigo.

EBV Group 4 will create notable problems after 30 years. Their aggressive actions on the nerves can lead to symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, brain fog, confusion, anxiety, bad mood and all caused by Groups 1 to 3. This group can also create symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder , even if a person never suffered any trauma beyond getting inflamed by the virus.

EBV Group 5 will create notable problems as early as the age of 20 years. This is a particularly nasty form of the virus, as it attacks just as a young man is setting out to start an independent life. It can create all the problems of Group 4, and feeds on negative emotions such as fear and worry. Doctors who can not find anything wrong, and perceive these patients as young and healthy, often state “everything is in their head” and send them to psychologists to convince them of what is really happening in their bodies is not real. Unless, that is, a patient goes to a doctor who is in the trend of Lyme disease, in which case the patient will probably walk away with a misdiagnosis of Lyme.

The worst type, however, is EBV Group 6, which can hit hard even in young children. In addition to everything Group 5 does, Group 6 can create symptoms so severe that they are misdiagnosed as leukemia, viral meningitis, lupus and more. It also suppresses the immune system, which can lead to a wide variety of symptoms, including rashes, weakness in the extremities.


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